Oxycontin OC 30 mg


How Does Oxycontin OC 30 Mg Work and Are Active on Your Body?

Opioid addiction has impacted 16 million people worldwide, with three million in the United States alone, showing a widespread problem. A strong painkiller called OC 30 mg can be very addictive, so it’s important to only take it under a doctor’s supervision.

However, let’s learn how long oxycodone remains active in your body.

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How Does Oxycodone Work?

Opioid drugs such as oxycodone can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. For adults who have suffered injuries or trauma, it helps calm the nervous system and eases pain from mild to severe. It’s especially effective for managing pain after major surgery or for people with cancer. The following are some brand names for immediate-release oxycodone:

  • Roxybond Oxaydo Oxy IR
  • Roxycodone

Brand names for restricted or extended-release versions include:

  • Controlled-release OxyContin
  • Extended-release Xtampza

Also, there are mixtures of oxycodone with other drugs like Percocet and Xartemis XR (which contain oxycodone and acetaminophen), as well as oxycodone combined with aspirin or ibuprofen. Oxycodone is considered a highly controlled drug (C-II) and affects parts of the brain linked to enjoyment and pleasure.

How Does Oxycodone Function?

Oxycodone changes how the body and brain handle pain. It attaches to a specific receptor, which helps patients feel less pain and provides relief.

When treating pain, everyone needs a different amount of oxycodone. Doctors usually begin with a small dose and raise it slowly until the pain is under control.

After taking oxycodone, patients usually start feeling its effects within 20 to 30 minutes. The strongest effects happen about one to two hours later. If it’s a long-lasting type, it might take up to four hours to reach its highest level in the body.

To determine how long oxycodone stays in your body, you need to check its half-life. The half-life of oxycodone is the time it takes for your body to get rid of half of the drug.

Immediate-release oxycodone stays in the body for about 3.2 hours before half of it is removed. Controlled or extended-release versions last longer, with a half-life of 4.5 to 5.6 hours.

Half-Life Influencing Factors for Drugs

It often takes several rounds of half-lives for a drug to leave your body entirely. Everyone breaks down drugs differently, so the time it takes for oxycodone to reach its half-life can differ from person to person. Here are some factors that can affect how long a drug stays in your system:

Age and Gender

Older adults have about 15% more oxycodone in their blood compared to younger people. This is because oxycodone clears from their bodies more slowly. Also, healthy women tend to have about 25% more oxycodone in their blood than healthy men.

Work of the Liver and Kidneys

If you have liver or kidney problems, oxycodone stays in your bloodstream for longer. For people with liver disease, the half-life of oxycodone increases by 2.3 hours, and for those with kidney issues, it increases by 1 hour.

Oxycodone: How Can a Patient Take It?

Because oxycodone can lead to addiction unlike other pain medications, patients need to follow their doctor’s instructions exactly. They should never take more than the prescribed dose or use it for a longer time than directed.

Doctors rarely prescribe OC 30 for long-term pain relief. Using it without a prescription and for a long time can be dangerous and may lead to overdoses or other serious health problems.

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